Referrals aren’t easy. Your clients and customers expect to be delighted all the time and every time before they refer a trusted colleague or friend. In fact, we find that referring someone who trust you is a very emotional action. Often, the referrer wonders:

  • Will my friend get hounded?
  • Will the company to which I am referring do what they say?
  • Will the service/product my friend receives be as great as what I got?
  • Will the company to which I refer acknowledge my efforts?
  • Will the company expect me to do something else?
  • Am I obligated in any way?
  • Is my friend obligated in any way?

Sticking one’s neck out is emotional, indeed, and often yields undesired returns. That is the mindset of someone who is seeing your referral program for the first time. It’s YOUR job to alleviate the concerns, consistently delight and make it very easy, all while understanding the emotional components.

And you wonder why most referral programs don’t work.

Check out our 8 tried and true tips.

8 of the very best referral program tips