St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.

We’ve got the online marketing edition of Fact or Blarney just in time! What do you think is correct?

1) Twitter Crime has risen 190%. BLARNEY! It’s risen almost 390%! It’s not surprising that Twitter and other social sites continue to play a role in nefarious activities. Your security should be paramount and you should NEVER over-share. By the same token, social media continues to play hugely positive roles in tracking down nasty criminals of all sorts! Keep up that good work.

2) Twitter can tell if you are happy or sad. FACT! Well, sort of. Monday, Twitter announced the results of research that shows that what you tweet is a pretty good indicator of how you feel and that much of it is predictable. Sorry if you thought you were being quite clever with your tweets. Turns out, you are probably using words that are commonplace. If you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, you aren’t alone!

3) Almost 90% of mobile subscribers in the US have a smart phone.  BLARNEY! You’d think that was true, but the number is closer to two-thirds. Still, that number is up significantly from just the previous period. Pretty soon, everyone will have a smart phone. If you are not strategically marketing to the mobile universe, you are missing out.

Sometimes the blarney isn’t so evident in the online world. Keep a look out and enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day weekend!