Lee Brogden Culberson
Lee Brogden CulbersonPartner
Lee Brogden Culberson. Certified Inbound Marketer. Singer. Keyboardist. Animal lover. Techy. Hot sauce aficionado. Speaker. TV and Radio personality. All around great gal and happy marketer.
Rachael Martin Gatzman
Rachael Martin GatzmanPartner
Mom. True ginger. Louisiana native. Admirer of form, texture, color and art. Creator and designer of eyepopping visuals and emotion-stirring marketing. Organizational genius.
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Take the Next Step with a Gifted Team

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Casey Lead Account Manager
Social strategist. Music City explorer. Outdoor enthusiast. Mom. Wife. Gifted at making clients happy and creating inspired content that makes the business grow. And the least disturbed among the Mojo crew. #truestory
LisaLead Account Manager
Clemson Tiger. Lover of much humor and more laughter. Solution provider. Challenge overcomer. Mom to girls. Community lover. Dedicated to the best possible service and the best marketing outcomes for Mojo clients. #fearless
Jeff & Trey
Jeff & Trey IT Super Twins
If it can be built, networked, wired, secured, hacked, fixed, overhauled, stored, protected, archived, backed up or tweaked, the IT Super Twins are on it. Super Twin Powers: ACTIVATE!
YamLead Developer
That’s pretty much it. If code can be bent to a man’s will, he’s the guy. We love him for his superpower.#realname