Church Crisis Communication PlanningProfessional Mojo’s partner, Lee Brogden Culberson, has been asked to be a presenter on March 15 alongside United Methodist Insurance‘s Rev. Joy Melton, Esq.

The webinar will focus on Crisis Communication planning and techniques for local churches across the United States.  In particular, Brogden Culberson will discuss:

  • the types of crises
  • common mistakes in indentifying a crisis
  • preplanning for a crisis
  • setting up a crisis communication committee
  • elements of a crisis communication plan
  • leveraging key social media channels during a crisis
  • and more!

This is part of Professional Mojo’s Outreach division, which is dedicated to serving the marketing and communication needs of churches,¬†diocese, agencies and conferences of all types across the United States. For more information on our Outreach Training and upcoming webinars on local church public relations and training, contact us.

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