Professional Mojo Social Media Marketing Atlanta Radio

by Lee Brogden Culberson

There’s a new kid in town—at least, there’s a new kid on Atlanta’s talk radio.

Professional Mojo is already your trusted source for real-world, best practice ideas for leveraging both online and offline marketing to build your business and grow your bottomline. Now you’ll get even more engaging, valuable online marketing strategies when you dial in each week to NewsTalk Radio AM 1160, The Talk of The Town.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m., Professional Mojo’s own Lee Brogden Culberson shares her expertise and coaches business owners on identifying their target audiences and finding the right marketing tools to reach them.

Whether you own your own business, are an executive or manage a non-profit, Lee and her guests will show you how to get more mileage from your marketing dollars.

Can’t get to the radio to catch Lee’s program? Stream her advice live at, download the 1160 App on iTunes to listen on the go, or visit her programs at

Lee’s radio show is built around a simple concept: telling you what you must know to operate a profitable business. She’ll de-bunk marketing myths, and help you navigate your way through the often-confusing choices in marketing channels.

You’ll learn why Web design and development is crucial to your business or non-profit. (Did you know that 93% of people with Internet access look to the Web first, when they need information on a product or service? Your website may be the first thing, and the only thing, that a potential customer sees. It has to have great functionality andvalue-rich content. What does your website say about you?)

Be sure to catch Lee, too, when she broadcasts live bi-weekly on another of Atlanta’s top radio channels, AM 1690’s The Voice Of The Arts. She’s featured on the station’s Morning or Midday Mix. Check Professional Mojo’s Facebook page for upcoming appearances.

Do you have questions that you’d like to have Lee address “on air”? Then visit the Professional Mojo Facebook page or the NewsTalk 1160 Facebook page and post them! You could get just the advice you need to make a real difference in your business. Or, call Professional Mojo directly at 678-561-6656 for more information.