God can meet us anywhere.

God can meet us anywhere.

My goodness how we flawed humans underestimate God.

I’ve read with interest several recent posts about the culture of instant gratification, how the social media “phenomenon” feeds that culture and how we, as Christians, should take a step back from the technology. Why not just take a break from Twitter, free ourselves from Facebook, loosen ourselves from Linked In? Let’s get off the social media rollercoaster and wait on God. After all, waiting on God is not only biblical but a necessary part of life for the growing Christian.

I agree that quiet meditation and time alone with God is paramount to being a better Christian. Sometimes we just have to be still and listen – to let God move.

But, and let me be clear, I believe that God is big enough to meet us anywhere and anytime. He knows our heart and our deepest needs. He desires to fill the empty places and make us whole as only He can. He achieves that on His timetable whether in hours or nanoseconds, via quiet meditation in a church or sincere plea via chat room prayer. The salvation and mercy He gifts to us through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is available to us now – for the asking. The Holy Spirit is working on our behalf now. That’s what I call instant gratification.

The use of social media to reach more and do more doesn’t diminish our desire and need to be quiet and know that He is God. The two things – instant gratification via social media and quiet time with God – are not mutually exclusive. In fact, when I Tweet about Him and my Christian walk, or think about what I will write on this blog, I feel very close to Him. Social media provides the opportunity to explore my faith and articulate it for a wider audience in creative ways.

The discussion needs to be reframed. Instant gratification was around long before Twitter hit the scene. Don’t tell me that my iPod and Twitter account are causing my relationship with God to suffer. I don’t accept that. Social media is simply a fancy term for new technology that does cool things. Technology can’t be blamed for our mounting cultural woes. How we use or abuse that technology is up to us – the flawed humans.

What I do accept is that God is big enough to meet me where I need Him most – anywhere and anytime and in any way – instantly.