Social Media is about business. Don't be dumb.

Social Media is about Business. Don't be dumb.

We have had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time talking with small and large business key executives in the Vistage group and with small biz chamber members via our local chambers of commerce.

There continues to be a lot of misinformation surrounding social media and its impact on business. I’d like to hop up on my soapbox and address a few of them based on recent conversations with prospects and new clients.

Myth 1: Social media is easy. Wrong. Social media applications are usually easy to understand. But social media as a strategy, like any other marketing and sales strategy, requires planning, knowledge and experience.

A successful social media strategy takes time, patience and finesse. Remember, social media is SOCIAL. You are developing a relationship with these folks. That is no easier than walking into a party and trying to develop a trusting relationship with someone you just met. Do ya think that only takes 15 minutes, too?

Myth 2: Social media is free. Wrong. The applications and software are usually free to use, but to do social media right, there are costs.
* who will monitor your online reputation and efforts?
* who will Tweet and write for you?
* who will gather content assets for you to use?

Are time and resources worth something to you? Is your brand worth somoething to you? Is your online reputation worth something to you? If you can put a dollar figure on these things, then social media needs to be taken seriously.

Myth 3: We know how to do this because we’re young (or already using it personally). There is nothing you can show me that I don’t already know. Ha! This is my favorite. If you think social media is something that anyone can know everything about, you’re wrong there, too. Even the top names in the game (Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, et al) can’t know it all because it’s an ever changing landscape. Just because you understand the mechanics of some of the more common social media applications and use it to tell your friends about karaoke does not mean you have the business prowess to connect the dots to lower expenses, increase sales leads or impact the bottom line.

I know how to paint and hammer a nail, but I get some help when I’m adding on a larger addition. This is your brand, your business, your future. Be smart about it…Take some time and a little money to get some input.