Social Media isn't going anywhere

Social Media isn't going anywhere.

A study released today on the eMarketer Digital Intelligence website said what most of us helping small businesses grow already know:  social media really isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The article is based on the “2010 Digital Marketing Outlook” research report and points out that 81% of the brand executives surveyed expect to increase their digital projects in 2010. 

What is also clear is that companies are beginning to ask hard questions and expect results that matter.  Metrics will only grow in significance as marketers and companies look for ways to wrap their heads and wallets around results that either reduce expenses or improve revenue.  After all, that’s we do in business, right?

Metrics Matter Survey Says
Metrics Matter Survey Says

I’m not convinced these are the right metrics. Afterall, these are easily obtained leading indicator metrics that can overlay on top of social media campaigns and give some indication of traction. But.  What about real engagement? Where are those metrics? You’ve heard us say before that social media is social. The level of engagement and community involvement is important to your business, too, and should be tracked as part of the leading indicator package.  Then, all of this should be overlayed on the metrics that matter: did our social media effort reduce expenses or improve revenue? 

Professional Mojo is glad to see a trend in that direction. Oh, we’re also happy that businesses are beginning to see the power and benefit in social media. Let us know if we can help you get started.