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You are behind if you don't have a blog.

Google confirmed with Search Engine Land that late last week they did, indeed, roll out the 2.3 version of Panda. It’s interesting that here at Professional Mojo we have always focused on high quality content first as the main principle behind authentic, good quality marketing. Even when others were all about quantity of content and not quality, we held firm and our clients benefited.

With Google Panda, content has never been more important. In fact, great quality blog content and Panda may be a match made in social media marketing heaven.

First, many have already reported that Google Panda was designed to punish websites with low quality content. Some sites reported that their rankings plummeted as a result of the Panda roll-outs. If that’s true, then they were not creating value-add content that benefited their clients. It’s really that simple.

Second, if you have not developed and integrated a blog, your organization is missing out on a key online marketing opportunity. Blogs are an important part of your social media strategy, and we have always used blogs as a way to create thought leadership, engage community and provide insight and transparency into an organization. Still, though, some organizations were scared of a blog and concerned that they would take up too much time or provide too much transparency.

Let’s be clear: blogs are worth every penny you invest in them.

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