by Lee Brogden Culberson
Professional Mojo Partner

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? I don’t blame you. If you are trying to get your business or nonprofit’s “arms” around your online reputation and create online campaigns and communities, you’re probably just not doing the best job you can. There are hundreds of different online directory sites. Thousands of different social media tools and tens of thousands of different ways to use EACH one. This is not what you do best, so why struggle with it?

Let the experts handle it.

We at Professional Mojo receive a lot of questions about how we do what we do, so as 2012 winds down, we thought we’d take a step back and provide a Mojo Primer for you to consider as you plan for next year. If you are researching Professional Mojo’s social media services or more traditional marketing services, consiider these things:

Turnkey Social Media and Online Marketing Services

Social media is no longer the new and sexy beast it was when Professional Mojo first launched. We’re old-timers in this business now (don’t tell Rachael I said that) with a wealth of knowledge, experience and real business testimonials and results to back it up. That means we have a proven Mojo Methodology (c) that we put to work for you.

Our full-service offerings include complete message management. We are your staff member, writing social media releases, generating cool, value add articles for your newsletters to nurture customers and prospects, writing blog posts that are both useful AND search-engine optimized, managing your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn communities, and even monitoring every online thing said about your principles, your products, your brand and your company.

We are embedded and answer to you. You have the benefit of lower cost, experts at your beck and call, and the ability to focus on what YOU do best while we do what we do best. We even develop sales leave-behinds, direct mail pieces and a myriad of other tools for our clients. Oh, yeah, we also monitor rankings, develop SEO keywords/phrases and keep close track of how the content supports your SEO strategy.

How does Professional Mojo do it?

We care about your success and we understand business. This isn’t about the newest and shiniest thing. It’s about choosing tools, platforms and messages that yield real results for your business. It’s a thorough process and you receive a Professional Mojo Marketing Audit:

1) We sit down with you and learn about your business, your strategy, your objectives and your growth goals.

2) We evaluate your current messaging across all channels. Is it unified? Is it clear? Does it have a solid call to action? Who are your audiences? Where do they live and what do they want?

3) We evaluate your engagement across online channels. What are you pushing out? What’s happening with it?

4) We evaluate current results from your online marketing efforts. Can Mojo make a real difference for you? Where? How? What can you expect?

5) We set up or optimize the appropriate online outposts for you after the audit is done. Not everything is suited for every company or nonprofit. We’ll tell you straight.

6) You receive an editorial calendar that, maybe for the first time, looks at all of your channels, creates a strong message and then generates meaningful, value-add content for each channel with clean calls to action.

7) Mojo executes on the plan that you’ve approved.

8) Your company reaps the benefit while focusing on what you do best and without the risk associated with a DIY approach or a fly-by-night firm.

Save your sanity and your money.  Give us a call today at 678-561-6656 or email me at for more info. The first step is just a conversation.