I know the feeling.

Small businesses are consistently pressed for resources, especially in today’s economy. But, the BEST time to invest in marketing is when the economy is down. Why? Because then you are well-positioned to take advantage of the upswing. How do you know where to invest? By engaging in marketing planning, of course.

In fact, most of the successful businesses were started during a depression, recession or economic trough.  It’s only the short-sighted business owner who refuses to invest in great inbound marketing.

Your Marketing Plan

Now is a great time for you to assess your marketing strategies, revamp your messaging, develop your portfolio, freshen your brand, and update your print and digital assets.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Invest in your current and past customers. You know the metrics – it costs more to get a new customer than to keep the ones you have.  Your current customers are struggling in a down economy, too, so why not reach out to them and see how you can help.  Newsletterssocial media campaigns, contests and more can keep them engaged and buying.
2) Make sure your messaging is tight.  Folks have a lot of choices now and less money.  The flowery, ambiguous language you might be using in your print collateral and in your digital assets won’t get the job done.  We routinely rewrite copy and revise websites and print collateral to tell a more compelling story of WHY they should buy from you. What is it that you are really solving or doing for them? Get to the meat of the WHY they should buy from you.

3) Evaluate the engagement with your community. Are you engaging with your community on every front? Do they hear about you via podcast? See you via video on YouTube and learn about your thought leadership and industry expertise via a blog?  Are you conveying a consistent message each time? Are you offering them relevant, value-added reasons to be a member of your Facebook page or Twitter community?  Would YOU want to be a member of your community?

Take a step back and get a fresh look at what you’re doing, what the ROI is and how much time it’s taking. Is it the highest and best use of your time? Is it working? What help do you need?
Then, contact ProfessionalMojo.com if you'd like a little mojo.