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How well-positioned are you for 2012?

Our Predictions for a New Year of Social Media Marketing and Online Networking  

The New Year is right around the corner, and here at Professional Mojo, we’re polishing our crystal balls to predict the trends in social media marketing.

  • First, we foresee that more and more small to medium-size businesses will use social media to grow their bottom line. In this survey of over 100 leading companies, a whopping 96% said they planned to increase social media spending next year. A new study from SMB Business Perspectives shows that a majority of these business owners want to attract more customers in 2012, while 38% will focus on retaining those they already have. Most of these small to mid-size business owners know that their customers already use social media, and they want to tap into it because they see it as valuable and affordable.
[1] Our crystal ball says: social media will continue to grow as a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool for entrepreneurs.
  • Social media will increasingly connect to “real life.” Harvard Business Review blogger David Armano cites a Domino’s Pizza marketing campaign, in which pizza customers could post their live, unfiltered feedback on a billboard in Times Square.[2] Our crystal ball predicts: businesses will increase their interaction with customers and clients via social sharing to grow their advertising reach and enhance branding. [3]
  • Businesses will increasingly seek to measure their investment in social media to ensure a strong ROI. Professional Mojo’s marketing experts can help you analyze your website metrics, Klout scores, and much more. Depend on us to help manage your social media networks, so you spend your marketing dollars effectively. Our crystal ball reveals: businesses will need to grow their understanding of the analytical tools used in social media, to wisely allocate spending across multiple channels.
  • New social networks will continue to appear, and others will become more prominent. Sites like Pinterest are growing, and retailers are finding innovative ways to market with them. [4] Google+, launched earlier this summer, has grown faster than any other social network to date, with some 25 million members.[5] Keeping up with new sites like these, and learning their capabilities, may seem daunting. Our crystal ball says: Professional Mojo’s experts can help you find the right mix of social networking channels, and optimize their use, to achieve your business goals.

As 2012 approaches, why not resolve to give your business the help it needs to navigate the social media landscape? Call us today at 678-561-MOJO, or visit us online. We’ll get your mojo going!