Professional Mojo Has the Expertise to Grow Your Business 

Got an extra 31.9 hours this month? That’s almost a full work-week. It’s also how long it takes the average American to do his own taxes.

How about an additional 60 hours when the weather is nice, say during spring or fall? That’s the amount of time it takes to paint the exterior of the average American home—but it doesn’t include prep time, or detailing around lots of windows and doors.

Are you starting to think, I don’t have that much time? Most of us don’t, because we’re already busy juggling jobs, families, kids, housework, and more. Time is a big problem for entrepreneurs and business people.

Well, how about efficiency? Are we at least efficient at our work? Sure, we’re good at doing what we do everyday. Homemakers are great at homemaking, and bakers make delicious cakes. Computer gurus excel with servers, and pastors inspire their flocks. But when we step outside of our daily tasks, are we equally efficient at doing our taxes or maintaining our homes?

Not so much.

According to a 2006 IRS survey, taxpayers who prepared their own returns had an average error rate of 5%, versus 1.1% for returns prepared by professionals. (Don’t think that sounds like a big difference? It could be, if your error causes you to be audited.)

What about painting a house? Can’t be too inefficient when it comes to swiping a brush back and forth, can we?

Well, yes, we can. You won’t be efficient if you don’t prime your exterior correctly, so the pricey paint you’re using doesn’t fade or flake in the weather. You won’t be efficient if you have to drive around looking for a ladder or scaffolding or even a bucket truck to rent or borrow, to reach the top of your home.

There’s a moral to this: you can waste a lot of time, money, and energy trying to do things you don’t have the expertise to do. That’s why we hire tax accountants and professional painters. They save time and money for us. What we spend with them, we get back in terms of efficient, effective results.

So how are you doing at handling your own social media networking and marketing, for your business or website?

Are you having trouble finding time to blog, post, or Tweet regularly? Are you effectively using tools like SEO, Google+ and Klout? Are you efficient with analytical tools, so you can measure your ROI? Do you know how to build relationships that increase your bottom line and grow your business?

Finally, do you really enjoy blogging and tweeting—or is social networking just another time-consuming chore in your busy workday? (Don’t tell us you enjoy doing your own taxes. We won’t buy it.)

If your social networking and marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you want, why not leave them to the experts? Professional Mojo will strategize with you to find and use the right social media tools, and create a plan to leverage your resources. We’ll help you set up metrics that make sense. Call us today at 678-561-MOJO or visit us online and let us free up your time and enhance your efforts. We’ll get your mojo going!