Businesses rely on social media and search

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If your b2b business isn’t investing in great content generation for quality SEO, an engaging website and good social media, you are losing business. Read on for more b2b marketing insight.

Today’s eMarketer revealed what we pretty much already knew from experience: your business clients are using  search, your website, and video to research your company and make buying decisions.

What the Research Reveals

1. The article reports that decision-makers are using search results to conduct research. Think about the ramifications of that statement. Search results return everything! They return reviews of your product or service (even if you are primarily B2B), reviews by disgruntled employees, job postings, financial info, info about your executives, online directories and more. It is NOT JUST ABOUT YOUR SITE or the content your company controls. Your prospects and clients are seeing everything about you, your employees and your leadership. How are they being influenced by what they see?

2. Video is gaining ground. Professional Mojo has always said that people like to see people. It’s no different whether you are B2B or B2C. We are social creatures. We want to know with whom we are doing business, about the culture, and learn more about your services and products – visually! The report says:

In addition to a high preference for search engine use among B2B influencers, the study also showed an increased reliance on more visual information sources. Data collected from Feb 2010 to March 2011 showed B2B-branded searches on YouTube more than doubled in number during that time.

What is your YouTube strategy? How are you using video to share testimonials (like this one), answer product questions and promote your business?

3. Mobile, mobile, mobile. Just last night I was trying to review a new client’s online assets and I couldn’t see their website on my iPad. Your assets must be mobile-ready.

Read the article in its entirety here and when you are ready to take control of your online assets, give us a call.