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We conducted an online workshop last week and many of the attendee questions had to do with Facebook, which makes sense because it is *still* one of the fastest growing platforms – especially among those over the age of 40.

Then, the very next day I met with a client who just didn’t understand what was going on with his own Facebook page. He was focused on one indicator and not looking at how the majority of his community was actually using the Facebook page. He wanted the page to look like the stream from a large, popular consumer brand. Well, it’s not. The objectives are very different.

So…..I thought I’d share with you 4 quick Facebook metrics to review regularly:

Facebook Metrics Tips - 1

Main Facebook Insights page

1) Overall numbers: While quantity isn’t everything (real relationships are), we do keep an eye on quantitative Facebook metrics to ensure solid, organic growth among the best audience. You can find your numbers on the homepage of the Insights tab (which is located in your left sidebar or under the Edit Page menu).

2) Correlation between posts and activity: Notice the little purple bubbles on your timeline (you can see it in our screenshot below)? The size of the bubble represents the number of posts that day. Is there a correlation between the amount of activity and the reach?

3) Top stories: Look below the graph on this same page. What content is resonating most with your audience?

Is it photos? Videos? Polls? Events? Open questions? Articles? It’s important to gain an understanding of who you want in your community, what you hope for them to do and what content they are consuming. By taking a close look at what you are posting, the frequency of the posting and the type of content being consumed, you can make better decisions.

Facebook Metrics - Content

What is the most popular content?

4) Referrers to your Facebook page: How are you promoting your page and how are people actually finding it? You may be surprised to learn that the money you are burning on certain ads is not yielding a real net addition to your community. Or, it may be that online ads or banners are yielding the only results because you’re not effectively marketing your Facebook page in other ways.

Facebook B2B Success - 4 Tips

Where are your Likes originating? What does that tell you?

In summary, most businesses are unaware of these 4 basic Facebook metrics, which are readily available as part of your Facebook B2B business page. If you are just beginning to get your arms around what’s really working for you – and why – this might be a good place to start. Then, again, if your board or VP of Marketing/Sales wants some solid results and data, you may need to call in a professional to help. Either way, happy selling!

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