Tips to Better Landing Pages

Your landing page could increase your conversion by as much as 15%!

As a Certified Inbound Marketing professional, one of the big tools in my arsenal is the landing page. If you are not getting the results you deserve from your website or integrated marketing campaign, it’s likely that you are not leveraging landing pages. Hubspot says, “In fact, landing pages have a 5-15% conversion rate on average.” What if every targeted campaign went to a well-designed landing page? What could the results be?

What is a landing page?

In short, a landing page is any page on your website where traffic is deliberately sent and is designed to prompt a specific result from that targeted group.

How do you use landing pages?

  • You send out monthly nurture marketing emails and the link in the email goes to a specific landing page (Welcome readers!) with a clean call to action.
  • Traffic is sent from a banner ad on another site to a specific page designed for them.
  • You have a link on Facebook for Facebook-community discounts. They click the link and are sent to a landing just for the Facebook folks.
  • You are testing pay per click ads and each ad is sent to an optimized landing page.

4 Tips to Create Better Landing Pages

1) Look at your competitors: You’ve heard of “group think” or, more likely, the whole forest and the trees scenario? It’s good practice to evaluate the flow of your competitor’s web pages and see how they organize information and capture leads.

2) Remove distractions: The landing page should be simple, clean and without bells & whistles. It should functional, not include primary navigation, and draw attention to the main call to action at the top of the page (Omniture suggests the first 300 pixels).

3) Don’t bog it down: In the age of immediate gratification, it’s important to not only keep it simple, but keep it fast! Run regular tests on your landing pages to ensure the load times are super fast.

4) Write for your audience: Content is king. Really. There are no shortcuts. Poorly written content, duplicate content, and irrelevant content will NOT be rewarded. Your landing page should be exactly what your visitor expects it to be and answer his or her burning need.

If you are ready to improve your conversion rates and create landing pages (and maybe even a website) that delivers real results, get down to the basics. If you’d like consulting or more information on what we do, feel free to contact us today.

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