What is the Facebook Donate Now button?

Facebook, the ever changing social media platform, has launched what could be a big game changer for nonprofits: the DONATE button. Here’s the official Facebook information–> http://newsroom.fb.com/News/773/Donate-to-Nonprofits-Through-Facebook

According to a recent article in TechCrunch, the button is being tested with 19 or so nonprofits. You can see the donate button at work on the following Facebook pages:




100% of Proceeds to the Nonprofit

Facebook is not charging a fee for the donations, so 100% of the proceeds go to the nonprofit, which could be an enormous boon for the nonprofits. The Donate button allows users to donate from a pop-up window and then to share their activity directly on their feed. A user can even decide how much they want to give. It seems to be very easy and could boost giving conversion rates – especially when paired with amazing stories of how the nonprofit is changing lives.

The downside? We suspect some users will dislike storing credit card information in Facebook; however, users should understand that once the donation is made, they can go to the account settings at any time and remove the payment information. Nonprofits should educate their users to understand that this is a great way to improve giving, encourage others in your community to give, and to realize more of the given amount. They can remove their payment details at any time if they wish to do so. 

How do you get yours?

You can apply to Facebook to use the Donate button, but as is usual Facebook fashion, there is no timeline as to when it will be available. I suggest, however, you go ahead and get your application in.

Facebook Tests Donate Button for Nonprofits