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Why do you blog?

A lot of folks ask about why we blog.  And, today, I had a nice lady ask me again about what blogging means to us at Professional Mojo and why we do it. It seems only right, then, that I blog about it here and share with you some of our thoughts about the matter.

1) You should blog about your passion: When someone visits your blog, is it clear to her that you are passionate about the subject? We are passionate about educating businesses, giving shout-outs to those who are doing it right, and forwarding the adoption of social media. Why? Because we believe it’s a way to meet your customers where they are in the way that they want. It opens up the entire process to dialog in a way never before possible! We are totally passionate about that.

2) You should be careful: Passion doesn’t mean doing something you’ll regret later. While some blogs are meant to be incendiary, other posts you may wish you could take back. Just because you delete the post doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t seen it, printed it, or passed it along. Once you write it, be certain about its content and clear about its purpose.

3) You should be true to yourself: Do your posts reflect who you are? Does it reflect the tone and culture of your organization? I talked today in the interview about authenticity and transparency because we believe that they are a magical part of the social media universe. I mean it: magical. You (and/or your organization) must have an unyielding sense of who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

So what did I learn today about Professional Mojo?

We blog to educate. We blog to inspire. We blog to give folks the tools to be successful because we know what it’s like to grow a business, to want something better for your family, to want to serve the people in your community.

We know. And now you do, too.

Why do you blog?