social media marketing questionsHaving a social media strategy for your business isn’t an option anymore. Social networking is such a big part of everyday life, it’s considered the “new public relations.”

[1] Here at Professional Mojo, we’re watching these new trends in social media:

1. We’re seeing an increase in branded content. Coupons and discounts were the first wave of digital marketing tools. Now the sky is the limit, as small businesses and corporations connect with customers and brand their products and services through videos, games, blogs, ads embedded in games, and more. The only limit to your social networking reach is your imagination.[2] 

How’s your imagination?

2. We’re seeing more businesses integrate social media with their websites. This allows you to enhance your CRM (customer relationship management) by responding faster and more efficiently to customers’ questions and complaints. The biggest challenge, says social media marketer and blogger Priit Kallas, is to avoid turning your business website into a “glorified helpdesk.”[3] 

How will you manage your CRM via social media?

3. We’re seeing social media influence sales more strongly than ever. Potential customers already use digital reviews, ratings, and feedback from existing customers to decide what to buy. Businesses must now determine which marketing materials to combine with these end-user opinions, in order to grow their sales and expand their customer base.

Are you using the right marketing materials to augment your social media?


4. We’re seeing a bigger demand for location-based information. As more people use social media on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the need for real-time, location-based services is expanding. Customers want to be able to find your product or service while they’re on the go—or they’ll take their business and go someplace else.

How will you provide location-based information for today’s customers?

These questions aren’t easy to answer without a strong social media strategy and expert guidance. Professional Mojo has the social networking savvy your business needs. We’ve got:

  • The imagination to tell your story;
  • The expertise to integrate your social media;
  • The experience to find your best marketing materials;
  • And the creative energy to meet the demands of on-the-go customers.

Call us today at 678-561-MOJO, or visit us online. We’ll get your mojo going!