Are your social media eggs in one basket?

Are your social media eggs in one basket?

Finally. The craziness surrounding all things social media has died down a bit, and businesses are finally getting down to the task of evaluating platforms and evaluating results in a disciplined way.  Those of us who are not new to this rodeo and have grown businesses are elated to see this change in the climate. 

Part of the discplined approach to planning is investigating all platforms to see a) who their users are b) how the users actually use the platform and c) if the technology supports your business objectives.  Over the last several months, all the attention has focused on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Yes, yes…those are the big dogs, but there are other platforms that may be of use to you. Before you put all of your social media eggs into one basket, do your due diligence.

Check out FastPitch!FastPitch!: FastPitch! focuses less on the social aspect of networking and more on the actual business of business.  Some of the unique aspects of FastPitch! is its ability to distribute press releases, classifieds, newsfeed, letters and more.  In fact, I would characterize it as more about your business than about you.  The new look and feel, which was just unveiled, gives you better control over your social media assets, too.  Like most networks, there is a subscription fee to get to the cool stuff.
What about Ning?

Want to create your own social network?

 Ning: Ning is an online social networking service – with a twist. Unlike MySpace or Facebook, where you join one huge network, Nings networks are “independent” and you belong just to that social group.  You can create your own social network that other folks can then join. Additionally, Ning allows users to customize their social network, as well.  If you wanted to created your own, private network for customer service, internal communication or even based on your product or service, Ning could be an interesting choice.

There are a number of options in the marketplace, so take your time and make wise choices about which technology will give you the results you desire. It’s all about your business.

If you are using either FastPitch! or Ning, leave us a comment and let us know how you’re using and if it’s been effective for you.

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