Outreach Mojo's #followfriday recommendations.

Outreach Mojo's #followfriday recommendations.

Happy Friday to you all! We decided to share our #FollowFriday recommendations here via the blog where we had more room. Let us know if you prefer it here or in Twitter.

@michaelharrison – You will not find a better Twitter netizen than Michael. Very engaging and understands that social media is a two-way communication.

@ShawnHussey – An ongoing feast of techy news and updates.

@Keith_Shay – Great business acumen and a wonderful giver to the small business community.

Also, check out this from Vistage, which is a CEO organization. It’s five quick tips to help leaders regain their passion, and I think it is applicable to leaders in the ministry, as well. We don’t do enough to support our pastors and leadership. We expect them to be there for us, but renewing their passion is just as important – maybe more.

Link to the 5 Steps to Renew a Leader’s Passion