A wiki is a useful social media tool that can be used to preserve corporate knowledge

A wiki is a useful social media tool that can be used to preserve corporate knowledge

Once upon a time, back in the pre-Internet highway days, people documented business knowledge on things called paper. Or in items called books.  Or, held critical information in the round thing called their head.  Then, came the computer. Businesses rapidly adopted knowledge management systems, which Wikipedia itself describes as “for supporting creation, capture, storage and dissemination of information.”  These systems preserve business continuity, so if someone is hit by the ubiquitous bus, the knowledge of what they do and how they do it can be transferred to others.

Then came the wiki.

A wiki is a free or cheap browser-based web platform that allows your employees to contribute information based on their expertise and knowledge. They can edit content within the articles, too. Together, this material creates a knowledge base for your organization that relies on the integrity of the additions. 

Many companies are using a wiki to create their own knowledge management systems for retaining corporate knowledge, training and collaboration.  Used correctly, it can be a very valuable free resource that helps create a central repository of knowledge for your organization.

Here’s some wiki wisdom:

  • A wiki relies on the integrity of the author, so there is the opportunity for mistakes or even sabotage. Fortunately, wikis are designed to make it easy to correct errors and have a “recently changed” feature so admins can quickly determine what’s been done and by whom.
  • Some training might be required. A wiki promotes meaningful topic association so the user can easily navigate to related ideas.  Be sure to show your employees how to make the links.
  • A wiki is an interactive, living and breathing tool. It’s only as good as the involvement of your employees.

Interested in saving time and not having to reinvent the wheel every time an employee leaves? A wiki might be for you.  Check out this site to find out more about wiki software and how to get started.  A few tutorials are listed below:

Slide Share tutorial on creating an educational wiki using pbworks 
Using Wikispaces

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