We had a great group on today’s Social Media & the Church online workshop. I am so passionate about connecting, communicating and calling people to action. There is just no time to waste; numbers are on the decline in churches nationwide.

A few Twitter tips for you!

A few Twitter tips for you!

One of the common questions when we conduct these workshops – whether online or in person – is what are a few tips for Twitter? I’ve taken a couple of moments to share with you some of what will be in this month’s newsletter.

1) Tweet, but don’t overtweet and annoy Twitterverse. How much is enough varies, and is dependent on what you are tweeting; however, over 85% of folks only Tweet once per day and a large percentage never Tweet after the inaugural Tweet. Twitter is too valuable to squander it that way. See #2 for more on that.

2) Always tweet with the “What’s In It for Me” content value in mind. Not everyone cares that you just stopped for a caramel frappacino. It is good to occasionally provide some personal info – it gives a “face” to the Tweets. For example, my husband and I sing in a Southern Gospel quartet – Ezekiel33. I think that’s a pretty cool thing and exposes me to a lot of churches and their challenges. So, I occasionally talk about it. It’s a big part of who I am – and that’s important to my business. I’m not an interloper trying to horn in on “church business”. I see it first hand. I think that’s relevant.

3) Pay attention to what others in your interest area are doing. Follow them. You’ll learn a lot.

4) Reply to people. One of the big mistakes I find with new twitterers is that they just post. That makes it all about them. It’s not. Engage with the community.

5) Be kind – retweet. Now that you are on Twitter, use your powers for good, and the power of the RT cannot be underestimated.

6) Um, did I already mention that it’s not always about you? Lemme say it again…my current pet peeve is relentless tweeting every hour about what you are selling or services you are providing. I will not follow you and will STOP following you if that kind of behavior continues. Yeah, I said it.

There are dozens of ways that Twitter can help you achieve your outreach objectives. Make a plan and stick to it. Better yet, let me know how it goes.