Marketing Radio Show - NewsTalk 1160Is there oceanfront property in Nevada?

What if I told you that your business could enjoy an increase in the number of online leads received just by reaching out to your database of current and past customers and prospects and engaging them? Would you believe me or would you wonder if I had ocean-front property to sell you in Nevada along with my wild online lead generation claim?

I can assure you this is not a wild claim. One of the most effective ways of generating online leads is by creating meaningful campaigns tailored to the specific segments of your current database.  Yet, sadly, most businesses across the industry spectrum neglect this simple online lead generation strategy in favor of what’s new and sexy.  Let’s explore how you can start to energize that database:

  • Give it a good bath: Most business databases are pretty dirty. They are full of duplicate data, incomplete data, and old data. It’s impossible to generate quality leads from a nurture marketing email campaign with poor data. Plus, it’s just plain old bad practice. You can and will generate quality leads from quality data. Clean up your list and be ruthless about it when you do.
  • Segment the data: Another insider key to energizing your data and gaining real leads is to understand your data. Your database should always include your current and past customers as well as their purchase history. This is a non-negotiable step.  Taking the time to complete this step will yield remarkable results, because you can…
  • …Give the people what they want: Once you segment your data, develop strategies that speak directly to the audience across online channels. A current customer might receive an email that provides value for their recent purchase (4 Ways to Make the Most of Your New Firepit) and sends them to a page on your site or on Facebook just for them (click to read more and receive 10% off any additional service). The email for a past customer should focus on what you are offering now and provide an incentive to come back and try you again. Prospects in your database should receive a third type of offer.

Often the deepest resource for online leads and real increases in revenue can be found right under your nose – in your database. Nurture marketing is valuable and it works to send tailored communications on a regular basis to the right people at the right time with the right message. That’s powerful stuff.