Professional Mojo's Tips for a Great Elevator Pitch

Professional Mojo’s Tips for a Great Elevator Pitch

Back in the day, the elevator pitch was king. The pitch was 2-3 minutes of who you are, what you do, and how your company can make a difference. Those days are mostly gone, replaced by the 140 character Twitter pitch, the 30 second in-person pitch, and the visual Pinterest/Instagram pitch. Are you ready?

Before you craft your pitches, consider this:

  • Spend some quality time listing words and phrases that describe why a) your company is truly different and b) describe you and your company. The key here is to be as concrete and clear as possible.
  • Describe the situations/problems/concerns that you and your company solve. Again, be concrete and clear about what you do and how it will solve a problem or make someone’s life easier/better.
  • Think about the themes that come across. Are you all about growth, customer focus, sales excellence, product innovation, etc. and how do you describe your themes? How do your experiences reflect a recurring theme?
  • Focus on what’s important. What do you want the other person to remember about you? Write that down.
  • Put it together. Craft a 140 character Twitter pitch centered around a single theme. Craft a 30 second verbal pitch that can be used anytime. Craft a 200 word blog post that can be distributed. Create a collage of graphics/photos that can be used as avatars on social networks or distributed in Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram. These should be visually appealing and clearly show what it is you do.