Is this who you want managing your company’s front-facing communications and brand? Just asking.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were just teenagers when they started tinkering around with computers, and we know how that turned out. Their names are synonymous with Apple and Microsoft, two of the most successful corporations in the world.

Today, a lot of kids lead the way when it comes to the newest apps and social media channels.

But please—don’t make your thirteen-year-old your social media manager.

Some non-profits and small businesses do put teens in charge of their marketing. While we understand that they’re trying to economize, we have to warn you: a computer-savvy teen is not a substitute for an inbound marketing professional.

That’s because it takes experience and education to understand risk management. And it’s not enough to merely identify and measure your business risks. You also need to take action to reduce or control them.

Successful marketing methodology includes 5 major steps, which we’ve listed below. How does your strategy measure up? Read on, and decide if you’re doing all you can to market your business and growing that important bottom line:

    • Your business must attract traffic. That means you need to create value-rich content on your website and other social media accounts. Then you must optimize your content, so search engines with SEO can find it.
    • You must convert visiting traffic to prospects. You’ll do this with “calls to action” and other strategies that build a list of sales leads.
    • You must convert your leads to sales. Effective outreach strategies, like customized, well-timed emails, can shorten your sales cycle, and prompt leads to contact you directly.
    • Your must turn customers into repeat customers. How? By identifying the kinds of content and social media channels that work best for your business. Once that’s done, you can offer content via any multiple channels your customers use.
    • Finally, you must analyze and refine what you’re doing. If something’s working, you’ll probably want to repeat it. If not, you’ll be able to revise and improve your social media marketing, so you achieve your desired ROI.

Need a hand with your inbound marketing? Ready to put risk management strategies to work for your business or non-profit?

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