Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Sandy’s path.

Social media will play an important role during the landfall and in the days and maybe weeks following – not only for the people affected, but also for those providing assistance. As phone lines become congested, the social world will be a key distributor of tips, resources, and communication.

Keep these things in mind:

1) Keep your cell and other mobile devices charged and preserve the charge by limiting unnecessary surfing.

2) Use texting, Twitter, Facebook and other communication platforms instead of your phone. Keep the lines free for first responders – don’t congest them.

3) Limit your posting and chatter to relevant information so providers and others can quickly find the information they need.

4) Loved ones may be concerned about your safety and will try to call – only to congest phones further. Make plans to check in with them regularly via text and let them know that you will be doing so.

5) In addition to the disaster resources listed below, many businesses and schools are using social media to keep people informed. This list includes US Airways and American Airlines.

6) Facebook has a community page set up: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hurricane-Sandy/506493399380778?fref=ts

7) The American Red Cross has a great app that helps people stay in touch: http://www.redcross.org/mobile-apps/hurricane-app

8) You can watch live Weather Channel coverage on YouTube:

9) The paywall for both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are down, meaning there is no login needed to access all of the coverage:



10) Live webcam coverage: http://qz.com/20761/watch-these-webcams-as-hurricane-sandy-hits-the-us-east-coast/

11) You can use these hashtags to following the communication:

Some primary Hurricane Sandy Hashtags (there are also others)


11) From CBSNews.com, keep these government feeds handy:

Government Twitter Feeds

Delaware (hashtag #StormDE)

District of Columbia Mayor’s Office (hashtag #SandyDC)

Maryland (hashtag #MDSandy)

Massachusetts (hashtag #MASandy)

New Hampshire

New Jersey Governor’s Office (hashtag #Sandy)

New York City (hashtag #Sandy)

New York Governor’s Office (hashtag #Sandy)

North Carolina Governor’s Office

Ohio Governor’s Office

Pennsylvania Governor’s Office (hashtag #HurricaneSandy) 

Rhode Island (hashtag #rigov)


Virginia Governor’s Office (hashtag #Sandy)

West Virginia

The following is from HurricaneSafety.org

During a Disaster

  • Regularly check your social media handles for updates, emergency communications warnings
  • Use posts on social media pages to request assistance in an emergency situation
  • Monitor other users’ activities and postings to establish situational awareness and find out what the conditions are in surrounding areas

Following a Disasters

  • Use various visual social media applications to upload images to create damage estimates
  • Communicate with loved ones and friends to notify them of your safety in a quick and efficient manner