Is a blog still a blog if there is no one to read it?

Is a blog still a blog if there is no one to read it?

Welcome back. We are very honored that the readership of the Outreach Mojo blog has continued to increase and hope that you are finding value in our tips for your faith-based organization or nonprofit (and some thought-provoking comments from me when I’m on my soapbox 🙂 ).

Today, we’re continuing our series on blogging with this question: Is a blog still a blog if there is no one there to read it?

You’ve planned your social media and marketing strategy and determined that a blog is a good way to communicate, connect and call others to action. But where do you find readers? This topic alone could take us weeks to cover, but here are few tips to get you started.

Post often: I mentioned this last time, but posting often, and with a purpose in mind, draws in readers.

Comment on other blogs and on other articles: Find other blogs you like (we’ve recommended a few here) and put aside some time to not only review them, but search out new blogs. When you have something to say, post and enter into the conversation. It’s not just limited to other blogs, though. I recently commented on a social media & the church article on the Indianapolis Star website. Someone read my comment, sought out our Professional Mojo website and engaged me in a discussion. She then subscribed to our newsletter and read the blog. All good!

Use Twitter to tell Tweeps that you’ve posted something new that they might like and set up a Facebook page and link it to your blog.

Thoughtfully link your blog back to your site where it makes sense. A blog is a tool not only to share your thoughts, hopes and dreams, but to promote your ultimate product or service (or organization).

Prominently link to your blog on your website. If you’ve got a good blog and you are sharing good information, then make sure it’s a sensible part of your overall web strategy.

Use your well thought-out key words in the blog’s titles and use header tags that incorporate those key words.

That’s it for today…time flies when you are trying to keep it to 500 words or less. The next blog tip will be about finding your own voice and letting your winning personality shine through! Until then, if you’d like to learn more about the DOs and DON’Ts of setting up a blog for your ministry, consider this online workshop.