UPDATE: As promised, I’ve been Tweeting out one thing each day that testifies to God’s goodness in my life. Please follow and do the same. —Lee

Testify for better outreach.

Testify for better outreach.

In a culture where we can see news break on Twitter before CNN and entire countries are transformed by the power of social media, doesn’t it seem reasonable that we could start a revival using the same medium?

Here are some ideas:

1) Church leaders and laity could Tweet more about the miracles they see in their everyday lives and less about news articles, upcoming books, speaking tours or what they will have for dinner. I mean, isn’t any success we have due to the goodness of God? A good example of a great way to share your daily small miracles? See this from today: @dmosley posted this Tweet: My wife, @jmosley, just called me after running the car out of gas. It wouldnt start. Then, after praying it fired up. #prayer

2) Ministries could have You Tube contests, encouraging videos that dramatize God working in the life of someone in the church or ministry.

3) Blogs could include short daily or weekly notes from readers who have seen God in their lives that day or that week. Where have you seen God today?

4) Folks could upload photos to Flickr that visually testify to God’s goodness – as simple as the rainbow after a much needed rain.

My friends, the goodness and faithfulness of God is apparent every day and in every way, and social media is uniquely suited to share a miracle as it happens, but I rarely see anything like what @dmosley did above.

Are we afraid to personalize what God does for us every day? Are we so sensitive to the ridicule that may befall us for daring to point out that our success is due to Him rather than our own inadequate devices that we can’t say “Look at what He’s done today!”.

Are we afraid to “over spiritualize” the mundane and only look for BIGTIME miracles?

I’m going to look more closely at my own life and do a better job of using social media to testify to God’s great goodness. Will you join me?