Teach a man to fish...don't take advantage.

Teach a man to fish...don't take advantage.

Everyone knows the Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Rachael and I believe thoughtfully priced, content-rich online webinars and workshops are a good way to cost-effectively get the message out to ministries across the United States about tools and techniques they can effectively and wisely leverage to do more and reach more. We share our knowledge and experience, as well as bring in speakers with solid depth and breadth of experience in their areas. Our mission is to provide the tools and teach you to fish!

We try to be authentic and share how our experiences, business background and heart for ministry have shaped our present and our future. We want to develop relationships with the folks who visit our site, our blog and engage us on Twitter, Facebook, and in person.

So, what? Why are we talking about this?

I’ve been troubled over the last few days by the alarming number of spammy Tweets and emails we receive on behalf of organizations that will:

  • “get you hundreds or thousands of followers” in only a few days
  • create for you multiple “social media” accounts using 2 or 3 well-known apps and then charge you large amounts of money to Tweet or post on your behalf
  • tell you all the advantages of using social networking tools, but never help you develop policies and procedures to handle the challenges and issues or recommend that you pray about whether social media is right for your organization
  • try to get you to sign expensive, ongoing commitments without understanding your ministry’s objectives and needs
  • Unfortunately, along with the glare of the mass media spotlight (see my previous posts) has come similar shenanigans that we see in other places.

    I know, I know…caveat emptor – buyer beware. We all need a healthy dose of skepticism… but it really gets my goat (as my grammy said) when these “get rich quick” schemes are targeted at ministries and churches.

    As for us and the good people we work with and associate with, we’ll continue to build relationships, using all the tools available to us, with experience and hearts for service. Will you join us?